Testimonials From Patients

Dr. Eric Stephens is a superlative caregiver. He is insightful and a good listener; he has a welcome sense of humor; he is extraordinarily well trained, highly experienced, caring and, in my experience, unfailingly competent. I first met Dr. Stephens about 20 years ago when he was speaking at a conference about alternative medicine, held at Portland State University. He impressed me, and I made an appointment for help with migraine headaches. I continue to turn to him for treatments to prevent or treat migraines, as well as to treat other problems as they’ve arisen: inflammation related to injuries, low back pain, and varied side effects from chemotherapy, including abrupt menopause. He always knows what to do to help me get back in balance and feeling better. I wholeheartedly recommend him.
— Janet Filips
My health began to deteriorate rapidly over a 12 month timeframe beginning in 2006. During the course of one year I was being tested (not treated) from head to toe by an Internist and a Gastrologist, to no avail. It was right about that time that I met Dr. Eric Stephens, Acupuncture Specialist in Portland, Oregon. Within two weeks, after suffering for 12 months, he not only diagnosed my illness, but had me on the road to comfort and recovery. I truly believe that Dr. Stephens’ years of study and practice of the science of Chinese Medicine, and his innate intuitive connection with the human body rates him above all Eastern and Western professionals I’ve had the pleasure to know in my 58 years of health struggles.

My strategy for health care is to ask Dr. Eric Stephens first.
— Christine A. Watkins
I first visited Dr. Stephens in 1992 on the recommendation of my friend and colleague. I went because I was seeing another acupuncturist but not feeling that I was getting all the benefits I wanted. My first symptoms were leg and foot cramps and they were eliminated pretty easily; I was surprised because I had leg and foot cramps since the mid-1960’s. I also found relief from my acid reflux. No amount or type of medicine was able to alleviate this condition, but his acupuncture treatments removed acid reflux from my life. Also, he was able to help me avoid several surgeries for: Carpal Tunnel, Dupuytren’s contracture, frozen shoulder and uterine fibroids. Additionally, he was the first medical professional who suggested I get a skull MRI which revealed that I had a brain tumor the size of an orange. (Eric seems to be very comfortable fusing eastern and western medicine.) Now he’s helping me with a degenerative condition in my spine and I have every confidence that he will be able to alleviate my pain and discomfort. I am happy with my results and feel very comfortable recommending Eric to family, friends and colleagues.
— Kathryn M. Beck
Eric Stephens has helped me over the years with a number of health issues including back pain and energy. He is currently helping me a great deal with insomnia, and that is not because he is a boring person who puts me to sleep! Nothing could be farther from the truth. He manages to keep me laughing while helping me stay healthy.
— Donna Prinzmetal
Eric has been helping me for over 16 years with my various health issues. His Flowerknowledge of Chinese medicine combined with exceptional expertise as an acupuncturist makes him a treasure. He is also kind and has a broad perspective for evaluating patients’ health. My well-being has been enhanced by my visits to Eric.
— Claudia Meyer
For many years, I had back problems for which acupuncture gave me relief. Ultimately my bad disk ruptured, which necessitated surgery. During my rehabilitative phase, acupuncture gave me significant relief from post-op numbness and tingling in my leg. I’ve recommended Dr. Stephens to a number of friends who had back problems or who were experiencing aftereffects from back surgery. Dr. Stephens has great insight, and the acupuncture treatment he’s provided me has been most beneficial.
— James Rice
I started seeing Eric in 1995. I was having trouble with severe forearm pain and I’d lost the ability to write with my right hand. I’d been to several neurologists including the department head at OHSU. All I got was shrugs and offers of botox injections which had never been tried on forearms at that point. I found Eric in the phone book by chance because he was close to my office. I’ve been a regular patient ever since. He’s treated all my self-induced pains and the effects of aging. At one point I had a sinus infection and was miserable. He touched a spot on the top of my foot and asked if that was tender. I almost came off the table. It was very tender and I became a believer. I see him at least monthly to let him work his magic.
— Ron Kernan
In 1981, I came to Eric Stephens’ office with some natural curiosity, while seeking some pain relief for some sports related injuries. It was immediately evident that acupuncture provided some immediate relief for my injuries and that moment started a 28-year professional relationship with Dr. Eric Stephens. In 28 years of going to Dr. Stephens I have directly experienced or was witness to the following experiences:

Eric is consistently kind and compassionate as well as one of the most knowledgeable acupuncture practitioners. Over 28 years he has provided relief to all kinds of health concerns that western medicine did not have full or adequate answers for. (I will make a note here that I have always used traditional medicine along with my treatment with Eric and he is a great supporter of a holistic approach).

I went through a care-taking experience with someone who fought lymphoma for 16 years. Over and over I saw Eric’s techniques and methods be the most effective antidote to the effects of chemotherapy and even to some extent radiation treatments. Over and over my friend’s energy was reinvigorated, nausea vanished, and her immune system was strengthened. At the fear of sounding overstated, Dr. Eric’s treatment changed our lives and made what appeared to be a disaster turn into one of the most hopeful and incredible journeys of our lives. My friend was predicted to live three years and she lived 16 more years of ‘quality existence’ because we felt good enough to approach it with a positive attitude guided by the able hands of Dr. Stephens. You see Eric Stephens is a healer in the perfect sense of the word.

After viewing his amazing success with my friend, I started seeing Eric for back pain, pulled muscles, acid reflux and many other typical day to day medical/wellness needs, and in every case I have found solutions. I have recommended Eric to numerous friends, one whose sister had suffered a stroke, one student whose back injury threatened to keep her out of a playoff game, and in every case real results were obtained.
Whether Eric is demonstrating a preventive exercise or he is just giving your body a much needed ‘tune-up’, I cannot recommend anyone in my medical experience more highly than Dr. Eric Stephens.
— Rick Brandeburg