Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Acupuncture® is a specialty within the field of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Traditional Oriental Medical theory (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.) is grounded in a system of energetics. Sports Medicine Acupuncture® brings an emphasis on the muscles and other structures, their injuries, and specific treatment. The year-long certification program involves cadaver examination and dissection, study of specific structural and postural patterns as well as coursework in muscular and other injuries, treatment protocols, and aftercare exercises. And then one passes practical certification examination in order to become a Certified Sports Medicine Specialist®.

Dr. Stephens has found this set of tools and techniques to be very valuable in identifying and treating pain, limited movement, and dysfunction for those who are elite athletes, weekend warriors, as well as those aches, pains, or spasms that come upon us suddenly or are insidious and chronic.

You can find out more about Sports Medicine Acupuncture® here.