Whether you have headaches, back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder wrist, hands feet or any other part that hurts, Dr. Stephens has likely seen it and treated it successfully. Dr. Stephens keeps up on new and innovative techniques in the acupuncture and Oriental medical treatment of pain in addition to studying crossover material from a Western medical understanding of structure and function through his attendance at continuing education workshops, seminars and certification programs. Since receiving his doctorate, he has taken a year-long certification program in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®, and is a Certified Sports Medicine Specialist®. He has taken coursework in manual therapy, and Dr. Stephens uses Nerurokinetic Therapy® to help heal recurring patterns of muscular dysfunction.

I started seeing Eric in 1995. I was having trouble with severe forearm pain and I’d lost the ability to write with my right hand. I’d been to several neurologists including the department head at OHSU. All I got was shrugs and offers of botox injections which had never been tried on forearms at that point. I found Eric in the phone book by chance because he was close to my office. I’ve been a regular patient ever since. He’s treated all my self-induced pains and the effects of aging... I see him at least monthly to let him work his magic.
— Ron Kernan